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The Courts

The legal system will bust a gut keeping you away from a Crown Court or a High Court (Courts de Jure), where you are entitled to a jury of 12 of your peers; because they will not be able to railroad you like they can in a Magistrates Court, County Court or in an Administrative Court/Clearing Centre like the one at Northampton (Courts de Facto).

Also, a jury can nullify an entire Act if they decide it is unjust; this is called 'Jury Nullification'. You will never hear about Jury Nullification in the mainstream media or by any official means.

Remember that it is juries that make The Law, not Judges. Neither the police nor the judiciary are the law; juries make The Law when case law based on their verdict is entered into the record.

It is not the Judge's courtroom it is OUR courtroom!

A Statute or Act of Parliament is a legislative rule of society given the weight of law by the consent of the governed. In short, a Statute (Act) needs your consent in order for it to be law.

'Consensus facit legem.' (Consent makes the law) ~ Roman Maxim in law.

A Statute can never trump Common Law, whatever you have been led to believe. Common Law predates Parliament so it certainly predates Statutes.

'Pueri sunt de sanguine parentum, sed pater et mater non sunt de sanguine puerorum.' (Children are of the blood of their parents, but the father and mother are not the blood of their children).  ~ Roman maxim in law.

A Two-Tier Law System?

Yes we have a two-tier system of law. Funny how you never learned about this in school. Funny how the media never informed you of this. Ask yourself why.

Lawful and legal are two very different concepts; something can be legal even if it is morally reprehensible and unlawful.

Legal can be the polar opposite of Lawful.

We all know that kicking an elderly lady out of her home is wrong; we know this instinctively and it would undoubtedly be decided so by a jury if it was ever put before one.

The same despicable act can be considered legal, where it is backed by a Statute. However, once it has been found unlawful by a jury, it becomes illegal; because legal is the child of lawful, not the parent.


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