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Other Agencies and BoEVAT

I see no reason why this would not work against any company or agency, unless they can demonstrate their immunity from the Bills of Exchange Act 1882.

Litter Bandits

These are the Enfarcement Orifices Enforcement Officers employed by security firms who sell their 'environmental' services to local councils. They lurk in busy areas hoping you will drop a crumb from your Cornish pasty, so that they can slap you with a hefty penalty charge. They are driven by profit, and the lion's share of each penalty charge goes to the security firm, with a smaller cut going to the local council.

BoEVAT will work equally well with litter bandits as it does with parking bandits. Same toilet.

Being contracted to local councils gives them zero immunity from the Bills of Exchange Act 1882 because councils are also not immune, they are just corporations themselves.


The CSA like so many other so-called Government agencies, are listed on Dunn & Bradstreet as a trading-for-profit company, and I'm pretty sure they are not exempt from the Bills of Exchange Act.

If this is indeed the case, then even Deduction of Earnings orders can be combatted in the same way i.e. demand a proper VAT invoice from your employer AND from the CSA.

This clearly needs more research, so let us know your results.

Bank Penalty Charges

Your bank usually writes to you informing you of the charges they are going to make and when. It is at this time you can respond with the BoEVAT Notices.

A successful tactic I have used is to inform the bank, via the same Notice, that their charges are going to place you in financial distress if they apply them. Once you have made the bank aware of this, they are reluctant to charge you because you may then have a case of Common Law tort against them i.e. they have knowingly placed you in financial distress.

Also via the same Notice, I withdrew any tacit, assumed or actual power of attorney that would allow them to simply deduct the amount from my account until the matter was settled.

The bank manager kept trying to phone me, leaving messages on my voicemail. I ignored them all and he eventually capitulated and zeroed the charges.

Fortune favours the brave!

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