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You will need to edit the Notices to reflect your own details and references etc.

The rest of the Notices are carefully worded to have the maximum impact, and some words have specific legal significance; so it is better not to get too creative when editing them unless you are aware of the legal ramifications of the words you use.

Please choose your required document and format from the links below:

The BoEVAT Remedy Notice One:

DOCX Format: BoEVAT-Remedy-Notice-One-v10

ODT Format: BoEVAT-Remedy-Notice-One-v10

RTF Format: BoEVAT-Remedy-Notice-One-v10

The BoEVAT Remedy Notice Two:

DOCX Format: BoEVAT-Remedy-Notice-Two-v10

ODT Format: BoEVAT-Remedy-Notice-Two-v10

RTF Format: BoEVAT-Remedy-Notice-Two-v10

Be sure to send the Notices to The Legal Department of the registered office of the charging agency.

Pre-Action Protocol Claim Form Response

The Creditor must send you a form like this.

Complete as shown below, remembering to strike out all the other boxes as shown in these examples, and to sign and date the form where indicated:

Section 1 A to D

Section 4 H and I

Return the completed form to the Claimant within 30 days.

Form TE9 Response

You need to complete the form adding a single tick against the entry:

I made representations about the penalty charge to the enforcing authority concerned within 28 days of the service of the Notice to Owner, but did not receive a rejection notice.

As in this example: Northampton Court Witness Statement

Make sure that you fill in your details, and make sure that you have proof that you sent the BoEVAT Notices, and that they were received by the PCN bandits.

Only sign the Statement of Truth if you know this to be true, otherwise you will be open to charges of perjury.

Send with it copies of the BoEVAT Notices you sent to the PCN bandits, all the Notices and letters from the PCN bandits, along with your edited and signed copy of your Notice to the Court and Witness Statement, downloads of which are presented here in three formats:

DOCX Format: Notice-to-the-Court-and-Statement-of-Defence-v4

ODT Format: Notice-to-the-Court-and-Statement-of-Defence-v4

RTF Format: Notice-to-the-Court-and-Statement-of-Defence-v4


Again, only sign the Notice to the Court and Witness Statement if you know it to be true, otherwise you will be open to charges of perjury.

Finding the Right Address

You can find the registered office of any UK company by clicking on this logo:


Sending the Notices to the usual return address marked on the PCN is only likely to produce a robotic response from some minor clerk at the PCN issuing company office where routine correspondence is processed.

It is important that you send the Notices by Royal Mail 'Signed For' or an equivalent courier delivery so you have proof that they were served.

You may also deliver Notices and forms by hand, taking along a witness who is not a relative and who is eligible to vote in General Elections.