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Beware of the Gatekeepers!

There are many websites and social media groups which purport to being able to help you with PCNs.

I'm sad to report that most of these sites are gatekeepers, probably in the pay of the very PCN bandits who are trying to extort you!

The PCN bandits are making millions out of this scam, so they are spending a fortune on a secret army of trolls, shills and other misinformation agents to steer you on to the path of ruin.

We have yet to find a 'helper' group or forum that we trust.

Key identifying points are as follows:

  • They constantly refer to PCNs as 'fines', which they are most definitely not.
  • They do not correct those who call PCNs 'fines' - because they want you to think that they are fines.
  • They refer to PCNs as 'invoices' which is not true. A PCN is a Penalty Charge Notice i.e. a Notice of a charge. The clue is in the name.
  • They may suggest you ignore the PCN, which usually ends up with Neanderthals knocking on your door, demanding money with menaces. If these knuckle-dragging morons do turn up, you will probably find this information useful:
  • They try to channel you into an appeals process, which is the last thing you should consider.

Despite their wild claims of success, the Appellant is seldom successful.

One sure way to check is to post a link to this website and see how fast they remove it and you from their group or forum.

Beware and don't be fooled!

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