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About Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs)

Penalty Charge Notices and Parking Charge Notices are not Fines!

Only a properly convened law court can issue Fines, and then only after due process has been served.

Councils and companies like Parking Eye do not issue Fines, they issue Charge Notices.

We need to stop calling these Charge Notices 'Fines', we need to be careful of the language we are using to ourselves!

For every Notice of levy or charge you receive, you have the right to require an invoice, this was enshrined in the Bills of Exchange Act in 1882 which has been the bedrock of business-to-business transactions ever since it was enacted.

Private individuals enjoy the same protection under the Act.

Companies are not obliged to offer you a properly formatted invoice in the first instance, but once you formally require one they must either comply or cancel their demands immediately.

Many businesses will automatically generate a proper invoice when supplying goods or services to another business or to private individuals.

There are severe penalties for those who fail to comply with this requirement. Making repeated demands for payment without issuing a proper invoice when required can attract a custodial sentence of 7 to 10 years!

Contravening The Bills of Exchange Act 1882' is an act of Fraud it says so in the legislation, so the Fraud Act s. 2 + 3  applies as does the Companies Act. s. 29


See Supporting Legislation

You stand to lose nothing by employing The BoEVAT Remedy; you are merely standing on your legal right to demand a proper invoice.

If those making the demands had any legitimate claim, they would be happy to send a properly-formatted invoice on which they account for VAT.

Stand in your own power!

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