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Court Orders Parking Eye to Produce Invoices!

In this case Matt had sent Notice One and Notice Two and ignored their threatening letters. When they threatened court action he called their bluff and responded to the court Summons with something very much like this:

Notice to the Court and Statement of Defence

(Soft copy of this letter can be downloaded here:  Notice to the Court and Statement of Defence)

Parking Eye submitted a huge dossier of irrelevant garbage under the following letter:

Southampton Court PE revised

Notice the absence of a Statement of Truth. Interesting!

Parking Eye failed to identify the Claimant who is the so-called Supervising Solicitor at Parking Eye, and they did not appoint LPC Law properly as their representative. We believe this may have been a deliberate ploy to enable the Court to stay the case indefinitely.

To cut a long story short, the Judge made the following order:

Southampton Court Order

The Judge has effectively stayed the Judgement indefinitely. We believe this is because to do otherwise i.e. their duty, they would have to expose this business for the enormous fraud we believe it to be! 

Lessons Learned

What can we learn from this?

You are under no obligation to pay any charge for which the Claimant is not prepared to produce a valid wet ink signed Invoice, under full commercial liability and penalty of perjury.

Simple as that!

Major respect to Matt for his persistence and courage, he is a true BoEVAT warrior!

Earlier Success

This is an early success I had with BoEVAT against the parking bandits Parking Eye.

In response to my BoEVAT Notices, I received the following letters:

Parking Eye Cancels Charges 1

Parking Eye Cancels Charges 2

You may have noticed that they do not waste time or flowery language in telling me that their charges are cancelled, in each case. They backdated the letters too.

Parking Eye have a reputation for aggressively pursuing their victims for relatively small amounts of money, so their cancellation of the charges in this case shows the effectiveness of The BoEVAT Remedy.

The parking bandits have tried other tactics since this early BoEVAT success, but the only people for whom BoEVAT has not worked are those whose nerve failed them and paid up.

Fortune favours the brave!

Remember never to use their appeals process.

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