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Freeman on the Land was founded by Veronica: of the family Chapman, and it is the website where my own awakening began.

FMOTL.Com is a wake-up-and-smell-the-coffee website, a great free resource for those embarking on the road to freedom; freedom from mental slavery and freedom from what Veronica calls 'The Grand Deception.'

Check it out and see for yourself, but be prepared for life-changing revelations:



Windows on the World

Windows on the World is hosted by Mark Windows.

Mark delivers the information that the mainstream media will not touch, information which is essential to anyone who wants to see the bigger picture.

Again, some of the information here can be life-changing:

Windows on the World Website

Windows on the World You Tube Channel


Tune-In / Autonomous Media

A home for independent broadcasters and a bastion of free speech. A truly autonomous media hub

Autonomous Media



These links are the result of relationships that I have forged since 2008 and during my subsequent awakening. Some of the websites listed were founded by people known to me as good friends; no need to mention names because you know who you are 😉

If you would like to link us and have a link on this web page, please use the Contact Us form to get the ball rolling.

Adding us as a link on your site does not necessarily mean we will add yours; all links are closely-vetted to avoid us endorsing websites that deliberately mislead.

Peace and justice to all!

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