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Welcome To The BoEVAT Remedy


If you have come seeking remedy for unjust or extortionate penalty charges (PCNs), congratulations, you have come to the right place.

However, BoEVAT requires some courage and resolve on your part; once you start with it you need to see it through. If you are frightened by these Charge Notices and you are likely at any time to go belly-up, this course of action is not for you. In which case you should consider paying up before they slap you with even more extortionate charges.

This is exactly how the parking bandits keep getting away with extortion!

I can tell you that the only ones who fail with BoEVAT are those who lose their nerve and back out. So far, everybody who has kept their nerve and followed through with BoEVAT has been successful.

It has to be your decision, your choice.

Whatever option you decide to take just beware of gatekeepers and other misinformation agents.

Otherwise, if you are fed up with being hit with PCNs for just going about your daily business, and you want to find remedy - read on. 

The BoEVAT Remedy is completely free of charge.

We don't profit from advertising because we don't want any adverts distracting you from the important business of fighting injustice.

The BoEVAT Remedy website is completely funded by the BoEVAT Brothers.

Stay a While!

Please don't just grab the downloads and run. Use the Menu to navigate the website and take the time to read and inform yourself so that you are well-equipped for any challenge that lies ahead of you.

Read everything before posing any questions because we may have already answered them elsewhere. Be sure to check the FAQ page too.

Feel free to use the Contact Us form to submit your questions and comments.

We will be constantly updating this website in response to developments, success stories and feedback, so please re-visit us from time to time to take stock of the changes.

See our Change Log page for details of updates.


We have deliberately not presented this website as a forum because it serves only as a source of information, not one of discussion; save that afforded by your ability to Contact Us and present your comments, which may or may not find their way into the narrative of the website.

This is not a forum open to being trashed by misinformation agents!

Don't forget to bookmark us for future reference.

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